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The Best Birthday Ever!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
All the birthday wishes, and love that was sent my way! The best birthday party I could have ever of imagined! Donovan being the best boyfriend in the world! Amazing friends and fun fun times! 
These things and more made this 
I love you all!

Veiw some of my pictures here:
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In The pool

I Love My Boyfriend!

We say it to each other almost everyday so sometimes I think it may come off as just spoken words.
So I figured I'd write it.
I Love You Donovan!
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Car Dealerships

Last night I brought my Element back to the dealer so they could install the LoJack Anti Theft device, the Ipod connection, and bluetooth today.
At about 9:30 this morning I got a call from some women at Honda asking when are you going to be dropping off your car?
Uhhh, I dropped it off last night???
She responds with, "Ohhh there it is right there silly me, we'll have that Lojack installed for ya today." In a very fake toned voice!
Needless to say, I was a bit concerned. I tried calling the guy who sold it to me. But he wasn't in, so I tried a few others at Honda leaving messages with all of them. Damn!
On my lunch break a bit later on, i'm walking down castro street and a voice says, "So'd they find your truck yet?" It's the guy who sold it to me!
I could tell by the tone in his voice he's kidding around, so I had to laugh with/at him.

Turns out the car went to audio first without any word to the LoJack department.
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Hooray For Morning Compliments!

This morning I working next to my van on Geurerro st between 17th and 18th.
Lots of people walk by on that block heading for their favorite coffee shop or on their way to BART or just walking their dogs. I love watching these people! I give almost everybody who walks by a glance, and some of them get a second look.
Well one of them must have liked the double take I gave him.
I walked away from my van and up into the apartment to install the tub drain I was assembling outside, and when I got back to my van there was a note on the windshield saying,
"I saw that look you gave me. Give me a call sometime handsome plumber guy, Glen"
Yay! Awesome way to make a guy feel great in the morning!
Funny part is, I have no idea which person this Glen is, he didn't leave a number, and I have a super awesome boyfriend!
But still, thanks glen for making the day a bit better!
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New Car For Us!

Well, I've been talking about it for a few months and finally did it!
I went out and bought a new car! Or should I say an SUV? It's a Honda Element.

I think it's a great upgrade for me and Donovan. We've been driving around in the cab of a Ford Ranger for a long time and haven't been using the Truck aspect of it hardly at all.
The Element is a foot shorter, gets better MPG, can hold passengers (in seats), and can still carry tools for side work and load up well for camping trips, cargo, and possibly a dog(which has been an on going discussion for us). And lets not forget, It's NEW! With fun features and it's totally cute!
So I picked it up yesterday, and after the long process of haggling and paper work, I hopped into our shiny new Rootbeer colored automobile that we've sorta named 'Khan', drove 3 blocks
and realized I was right next to the Lonestar! 4:30 on a Sunday! What better way to enjoy my new car then to park it in SOMA and grab a couple beers with friends? LOL
This morning I peeked out my window to make sure I really did buy it, and while driving to work I still wasn't totally used to the idea I bought it.
It wasn't until this evening while driving to the Castro and farting in it that I really feel it's mine!
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