March 3rd, 2008


New Car For Us!

Well, I've been talking about it for a few months and finally did it!
I went out and bought a new car! Or should I say an SUV? It's a Honda Element.

I think it's a great upgrade for me and Donovan. We've been driving around in the cab of a Ford Ranger for a long time and haven't been using the Truck aspect of it hardly at all.
The Element is a foot shorter, gets better MPG, can hold passengers (in seats), and can still carry tools for side work and load up well for camping trips, cargo, and possibly a dog(which has been an on going discussion for us). And lets not forget, It's NEW! With fun features and it's totally cute!
So I picked it up yesterday, and after the long process of haggling and paper work, I hopped into our shiny new Rootbeer colored automobile that we've sorta named 'Khan', drove 3 blocks
and realized I was right next to the Lonestar! 4:30 on a Sunday! What better way to enjoy my new car then to park it in SOMA and grab a couple beers with friends? LOL
This morning I peeked out my window to make sure I really did buy it, and while driving to work I still wasn't totally used to the idea I bought it.
It wasn't until this evening while driving to the Castro and farting in it that I really feel it's mine!
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