March 5th, 2008


Hooray For Morning Compliments!

This morning I working next to my van on Geurerro st between 17th and 18th.
Lots of people walk by on that block heading for their favorite coffee shop or on their way to BART or just walking their dogs. I love watching these people! I give almost everybody who walks by a glance, and some of them get a second look.
Well one of them must have liked the double take I gave him.
I walked away from my van and up into the apartment to install the tub drain I was assembling outside, and when I got back to my van there was a note on the windshield saying,
"I saw that look you gave me. Give me a call sometime handsome plumber guy, Glen"
Yay! Awesome way to make a guy feel great in the morning!
Funny part is, I have no idea which person this Glen is, he didn't leave a number, and I have a super awesome boyfriend!
But still, thanks glen for making the day a bit better!
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